Which Culture Came First? The Reciprocation of Norms.

Culture is defined as a set of values and beliefs in which a certain social group exhibits and the media aims portray this culture in order to communicate and appeal to its audiences, however we find it under constant scrutiny due to it’s lack of depth and subjective opinions concerning women’s status in society, hyper-sexualizing and objectifying their existence. We neglect to accept our own participation in media culture, mortified by the reality around us we shift blame to the message it portrays before we acknowledge our culture’s reflection from it.

Media is not a separate entity from ourselves. Cultural Studies finds ourselves:
Living IN media culture.
With media AS culture.
With media as a REFLECTION of culture.

One theoretical approach to understanding cultural studies is to acknowledge audiences as active participants in ideology and hegemony production. We can evaluate this in the portal of women in media as objects of sexual gratification.
From music videos, to magazines to video games women are being hyper-sexualized, however is this its own scheme or merely a projection of our own society?
UNICEF,2016, discovered that approximately 120 million girls in the world today have been victims of rape or forced sexual acts.
The question is, who is to blame? Can images of the media evoke such statistics or does the media simply reciprocate our own desires.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 10.30.35 AM.png
An image from Fromowitz,2014, shows the perception of women’s sexual submissiveness

Male Gaze is term to describe the portrayal of women in the MEDIA, however we have to note that this is because of the men behind the capitalist institutes in which they, naturally, have this perception.  We can discuss whether this is few and far between or if this is the dominant culture in which I say YES. The media is a marketing tool, and business’ aim to attract their customers via showing them that they have what they want.    And thus base off the number of adverts we see with objectified women, we can conclude that this is what consumers want, this is our culture.

It is difficult to uncover which culture controls or manipulates the other as they are so intertwined we have began to lose grip of reality as the media consumes our lives.


Fromowitz, M. 2014. Campaign. Shocking fashion ads: Too scandalous to be viewed? [online] Available at: http://www.campaignasia.com/article/shocking-fashion-ads-too-scandalous-to-be-viewed/426049. (Accessed 9 Oct. 2017).

Unicef. 2016. Not An Object: On Sexualization and Exploitation of Women and Girls. [online] Available at: https://www.unicefusa.org/stories/not-object-sexualization-and-exploitation-women-and-girls/30361. ( Accessed  9 oct. 2017).





Author: xjaypattersonx

BA Film student seeking to analyze and interpret the messages of imagery which the media displays.

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