Why We Respond To Authority: Milgram’s Experiment

Through our daily lives we follow a certain conduct that has been set before us, abiding by these rules as they are reinforced by the media and individuals in which we have come to place our trust in the hierarchy of our society.  A mode of Ideological Imposition would be Legitimacy, and it is through Milgram’s Experiment we can note how individuals conform to obedience through the justification of a  superior power.

Le-git-i-mate:  In accordance with established rules, principles, or standards.




BigHistoryNL. 2013. Milgram Experiment-Big History NL, threshold 6. [online] Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOYLCy5PVgM&t=219s. (Accessed 22 Oct. 2017).


Author: xjaypattersonx

BA Film student seeking to analyze and interpret the messages of imagery which the media displays.

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