Oh No…Not Feminism Again.

Let’s start by debunking the myth. Feminism is not about women claiming their dominance over men, or the suppression of “male” rights.
Feminism is the advocacy of women rights on the ground of equality of sexes.
It has had multiple movements all with this desired goal to establish this equality in all fields of our society.

First Wave, The Suffrage Movement
Started in the late 1800s, a time when their roles encompassed travelling between the kitchen and the room, producing on average seven children, Conner (unknown). Their opportunities they were fighting for were centred around basic citizenship such as

  • The Right To Vote
  • Own property without a man

The perception of these women were deemed Suffragettes.  This patronising name was to give off the perception of these women’s inadequacy to fulfil their household duties, unattractive single women with no man in their lives.

Image result for suffragette images propaganda
Lamoreaux, 2014 shows the perception of what a Suffragette was


Second Wave 
Started in 1960s and continued until the 90s. In a time of growing self consciousness during the anti-war and civil rights movement.  They looked to achieve rights concerning

  • Sexuality and Reproductive Rights

Here it began to focus on social equality regardless of sex and encompassing women of all sexualities and races.
they called for a change in the representation of women in the media in order to alter mass perception of submission.


Image result for feminism and birth control protest
Kingdin, 2017 shows women protesting for the right to abortions


Third Wave
Began in the mid 1990s and led by the Generation Xers, Encyclopaedia Britannica (Unknown)  and was informed by most-colonial and post-modern thinking.
Using nontraditional methods of protest one of this waves lasting impacts was due to humour and was named the Guerrilla Girls.

Image result for guerrilla girls
Guerrilla Girls, unknown used this diagram to determine what makes a man based off how they have treated women

Check out their website for an amazing insight: https://www.guerrillagirls.com/#open


Feminism is not “anti-male”, it’s anti-inequality and looks at achieving equality for sexes across all aspect of our society.



Conner, C. Unknown. How Feminism Works. How Stuff Works. [online] Available at: https://people.howstuffworks.com/feminism2.htm ( Accessed 10 Nov. 2017)

Encyclopaedia Britannica. Unknown. Third Wave of Feminism. [online] Available at: https://www.britannica.com/topic/feminism/The-third-wave-of-feminism. (Accessed 10 Nov. 2017)





Author: xjaypattersonx

BA Film student seeking to analyze and interpret the messages of imagery which the media displays.

One thought on “Oh No…Not Feminism Again.”

  1. I laughed at the Guerrila Girls diagram! The World Wars also definitely helped with the empowerment of the woman’s rights movement as the women of the world kept their countries working while the men were off fighting.

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